AWFA Series Wall Fan Heater

Stelpro offers a sturdy and stylish aluminum wall fan heater capable of heating lobbies and entrances. The Stelpro AWFA series wall heater offers an impact and rust resistant extruded aluminum grille design. Find an AWFA series Stelpro aluminum fan heater at HomElectrical!

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What are the benefits of a Stelpro AWFA wall fan heater?

Stelpro AWFA wall fan heaters offer a quiet helicoidal fan and a high-quality nichrome heating element for instant heat. Multiple units can connect to the same thermostat using a relay kit without a transformer or with an external transformer (not included).

The AWFA series offers these additional features:

  • Top air intake, bottom air discharge
  • Recessed or surface mounted capabilities with optional surface adaptor
  • Totally enclosed and permanently lubricated motor
  • Single, double, and triple unit options
  • Variety of wattages
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Three-year warranty

Control options:

  • 240V control
  • 24V control
  • Built-in single or double pole thermostat
  • Without control (single units only)

Where do you use a Stelpro AWFA wall fan heater?

Stelpro AWFA wall fan heaters work well in the lobbies or entrances of businesses as well as corridors, stairwells, factories, and warehouses. They can recess mount or surface mount with a surface adaptor.


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