ASORB Series Orleans High-End Fan Heater For Bathrooms

Enjoy a toasty warm bathroom with a Stelpro ASORB series Orleans fan heater. As a quiet and durable heater, you can enjoy them in bathrooms, entrances, vestibules, hallways, and living spaces. Shop HomElectrical to find the Stelpro Orleans fan heater for you!

What is a Stelpro ASORB series fan heater?

The Stelpro Orleans high end fan heater provides a quiet heating experience. You can turn on your fan heater and enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the optimum heat output and rapid temperature increase.

The Stelpro ASORB series fan heater offers a front air intake and a bottom front air discharge. Stelpro ASORB series fan heaters use a 20-gauge satin-finish steel front.

What is a Stelpro ASORB series fan heater?

Stelpro Orleans fan heaters offer multiple control options. The Stelpro ASORB2002MW includes a built-in Maestro Smart thermostat for a smart-home ready heater.

Features with Maestro thermostat:

  • Compatible with Zigbee protocol
  • Open window function - detects drastic drops in temperature
  • Color-coded energy consumption indicated
  • Boost Mode - rapid temperature increase

The Stelpro ASORB1501WCW includes a power switch selector to choose between wattage settings. Unlike the ASORB2002MW, the Stelpro ASORB2002WCW and ASORB1501WCW do not include a thermostat. Stelpro recommends electronic thermostats for models without a thermostat.

More features of the Stelpro Orleans high end fan heater include:

  • Rust-resistant
  • Quiet fan heating
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Recessed mount or surface mount with surface adaptor
  • Thermal protection with manual reset
  • Five-year warranty, three-years on electronic components
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