ASSOH Sonoma Horizon Wall Fan Heater

If you need a quiet and compact wall fan heater, Stelpro offers the ASSOH Sonoma wall fan heater. They function quietly while providing a fast heating solution. Shop HomElectrical to find a Stelpro Sonoma Horizon fan heater.

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What is a Stelpro Sonoma Horizon fan heater?

Unlike other Stelpro Sonoma wall fan heaters, Stelpro ASSOH Sonoma Horizon heaters install horizontally. They offer an impact-resistant front cover and controls located at the top of the unit. In addition, its nichrome heating element provides instant heat.

What features does the Stelpro ASSOH wall fan heater offer?

The Stelpro ASSOH wall fan heater can function with a built-in thermostat or optionally without controls. Stelpro strongly recommends electronic thermostats for heaters without controls.

The Stelpro Sonoma horizon wall fan heater features controls at the top of the unit for easy access. They offer thermal protection with a manual reset as well as additional thermal protection with a thermal fuse. You must replace the fuse if triggered. They also offer options with or without a back box for recessed installations.

Where can you use a Stelpro ASSOH wall fan heater?

Stelpro ASSOH wall fan heaters work well in almost any room. You can install them in hallways, lobbies, bedrooms, livings rooms, kitchens, and offices.

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