ASSOS Sonoma Style Wall Fan Heater

Need a wall fan heater perfect for any room? Stelpro ASSOS wall fan heaters were designed with the user in mind, offering quiet but fast heating. The Stelpro Sonoma style fan heater provides a sleek front cover that add a touch of style wherever you install it.

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What is a Sonoma style wall fan heater?

Stelpro Sonoma style wall fan heaters offer quiet heating with a minimalistic design. Sonoma wall fan heaters provide fast heating for quick relief from cold air. The stylish 20-gauge steel facade presents high security and impact resistance.

The Stelpro ASSOS Sonoma style offers easy, one-screw cover installation. The heater can recess mount or it can wall mount with a surface adapter.

What are the features of the Stelpro ASSOS fan heater?

Stelpro ASSOS Sonoma style wall fan heaters offer two control options between either a MAESTRO Smart thermostat or built-in electronic thermostat. They include an option without control, though Stelpro strongly recommends using an electronic thermostat.

  • Quiet heat
  • Thermal protection with manual reset
  • Additional thermal protection with thermal fuse
  • Five-year warranty, three-year warranty on electrical components

Accessory options include a back box or surface adapter for wall mounting.

Recall Notice:

We no longer carry the items listed in the recall. The heaters listed for purchase are not included in the recall.

Certain Stelpro ASSO and ASSOS Sonoma wall fan heaters were recalled on April 2nd, 2020. Recalled ASSOS product model numbers listed below:

  • ASSOS1501MW
  • ASSOS1501W
  • ASSOS1501WCW
  • ASSOS1502WCW
  • ASSOS2002MW
  • ASSOS2002W
  • ASSOS2002WCW
  • ASSOS2008MW
  • ASSOS2008W
  • ASSOS2008WCW

You can find the production date and product number on the product nameplate. You can find the nameplate on the underside of the front cover. Locate the “VER” field. It reads as (week produced) – (year produced). Only products with a production date of 47-19 or prior, such as 46-19, are affected.

If you currently own one of these models, please stop using it immediately and contact Stelpro to see about receiving a replacement. You can contact Stelpro at 1-844-783-5776, extension 1204 to find out more.

Please visit these websites for more information:


Consumer Product Safety Commission

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