ASDC Series Commercial Air Curtain

The powerful ASDC series commercial air curtain prevents cold air from entering a building when doors are opened repetitively. It is designed to provide intense heat with its 5 kW capacity and nichrome heating element. Keep your drive-thru window or sliding door areas warm with a commercial air curtain from HomElectrical.

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What is the ASDC series commercial air curtain?

Known in the Canadian market as the SDC series, this heater features easily accessible controls and is designed for intensity with its 5kW capacity. The air curtain is manufactured with an 18-gauge steel cabinet, centrifugal fan, and thermal protection with automatic reset. The air curtain heats with a nichrome element that produces instant heat and prevents cold air from entering buildings when doors or windows are open repeatedly.

Where can a commercial air curtain be installed?

Although primarily designed for drive-thru windows, this heater can be installed in many locations like over sliding patio doors or automatic doors for commercial buildings.

How is the commercial air curtain heater controlled?

The air curtain heater is controlled with a high/low switch, which gives you the ability to control the strength of the heat. There's an on/off switch to allow the user to turn it off when the room or building is not in use. There's also an option to use both the fan and heat, or just the fan only. This aids in high energy savings. There is a thermostat built-in to ensure complete control of the temperature of the unit.
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