Choosing Between a Baseboard Heater and a Wall Heater

By Shakir Williams on 08/09/2017

baseboard heaters versus wall heaters


Baseboard Heaters

Wall Heaters

Time Of Heat

Generally requires 30-60 minutes to heat a room

Uses fans to push heat into a room very quickly

Wall Space Required 

Requires less wall space

Generally uses more wall space


Virtually noise-free; good choice for bedrooms

Generally quieter than a regular refrigerator 


Operates at lower temperatures, which means their surfaces are cooler to the touch than the surface of wall heaters

Operates at higher temperatures than baseboard heaters


Life over 20+ years 

Lasts 8 to 12 years

Can I install my heater under a window or by a door?

When installing your heater, it is recommended that you install it on an inside of a wall. If you are installing your heater by a door or window, make sure:

  • The heater is not blocked by drapes
  • There is no electrical outlet above or below the heater
  • Airflow is not blocked by anything, like an open door

floor mounted baseboard heater under window

How should I mount my baseboard heater?

Baseboard heaters must be mounted horizontally-- near or at floor level only. For baseboard heaters, allow 12 inches of clearance in front of the heater and 6 inches to the side and above.

baseboard heater mounting installation

Can I use an ON/OFF electrical receptacle to control my baseboard heater?

NO—We recommend using a thermostat to control your heater. A line voltage thermostat is typically used with single-room heaters, such as electric wall heaters, or electric baseboard heaters. Low voltage thermostats are typically used to control heating and cooling systems, and are generally more common than line voltage thermostats. How to Install a Single Pole or Double Pole Thermostat to a 240V Baseboard Heater? 

low voltage thermostat for baseboard heaters

Only use a low voltage thermostat with a Baseboard Heater if:

  • The amperage load exceeds the rating of the line voltage thermostat.
  • It is combined with a relay.


measure room square footage for heater installation

How much heat do I need for a room?

First determine the square feet by multiplying room width by room length.



I have a Lot of windows or my square footage is not listed…

If your square footage is not listed in the chart, or you plan on installing a lot of windows, it is suggested that you choose the next highest wattage. Find the square footage that closely matches yours, and go up to the next highest in wattage.

I have a newer building or live in a warmer climate...

If you are looking to install heaters to a new building, or you live in a warmer climate, it is suggested that you chose the next lowest wattage. Find the square footage that closely matches yours, and go down to the next lowest in wattage. 

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