Wall Heater

Wall heaters are ideal for heating small areas quickly. These heaters come in a variety of sizes, amperage options, voltages, and mounting setups. Find the right wall heater for your home or business with HomElectrical.
Warm spaces up to 200 sq. ft. using a wall heater, available with options including built-in single or double pole thermostats as well as a variety of BTU options.
Find a heater capable of heating a space up to 500 sq. ft., available in a variety of types, as well as single- and double-unit options.
Heat spaces up to 300 sq. ft. with HomElectrical’s selection of wall heaters, including a selection of styles and sizes, as well as heaters for residential and commercial use.

Wall Heater Accessories

Find accessories for select wall heaters from HomElectrical’s selection of wall heater accessories, including time delay relays, electric switch accessories, mounting frames, replacement wall heater grills, replacements knobs, and more.

Wall Heater - Up to 100 Sq. Ft.

Find a heater capable of warming a space up to 100 sq. ft., including hydronic heaters and wall heater assemblies.

Wall Heater - Up to 1000 Sq. Ft.

Warm spaces up to 1000 sq. ft. with HomElectrical's selection of wall fan heaters, available with single, double, and triple unit options as well as heaters that offer a built-in thermostat.

Wall Heater - Over 1000 Sq. Ft.

Comfortably warm a space over 1000 sq. ft. with wall fan heaters, featuring select heaters that offer built-in thermostats and triple unit options.
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What is a Wall Fan Heater used for?

A wall fan heater is a type of forced air heating system that operates by pushing heated air outward. This type of heating system is ideal for heating both small residential spaces and large commercial buildings, as well as hallways, and lobbies.

  • These heating systems rely on separate ductwork to carry the heated air to the designated rooms.
  • Return vents carry cooler air to the central air handler for re-heating.
  • The wall fan heaters feature resistant grills as well as thermal protection with automatic reset.
  • This type of heating system provides quick heat loss recovery and is both energy and cost-efficient.

How to install a Heater?

Our smaller heaters have four installation options including: recessed, surface-mounted, horizontal, and vertical. Our larger heaters can be either wall or surface-mounted.

  • Recessed installation is when the heater will be installed inside the wall.
  • Surface mounted will involve brackets that hold up the heater and is more visible.
  • Vertical or upright installation will give you an option of how air flow will work for the heater. Up-flow or down-flow.
  • Horizontal installation is when the device is placed on a platform or suspended from a ceiling.

What is a Convection Heater?

These heaters are able to take in cool air and heat it up with a heated coil. The hot air is then able to rise and heat the room or space. It operates quietly and has a lower chance of having any ignition hazards when compared to other types of heaters.

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