King Electric Heaters

King Electric strives to be the leader in the electric heating industry by offering new energy-saving products and technology that improves the customer experience. They offer a variety of energy efficient baseboard heaters and wall heaters for a multitude of residential and commercial applications. Find a full selection of King Electric Manufacturing products here at HomElectrical!
King Electric Heaters

King Wall Heater

For warmth in winter, choose King Wall Heaters to place around the home to provide efficient electric heating.

King Baseboard Heater

For discreet heating up to 350 sq. ft., choose a King Baseboard Heater to circulate warm using convection technology.

King Electric Furnace

Choose an energy saving, compact electric furnace to provide heating with 2-stage comfort heating at home.

King Unit Heater

Shop for King Unit Heaters offering a variety of heating options available in portable or mounted units to provide warmth where you need it.

King Heating Cable

If you want to improve your home’s heating in the winter, consider using a heating cable

King Radiant Heater

Comfortably warm your space with an infrared radiant heater from King Electric! King Electric radiant heater units provide a quality, energy efficient heat that can warm both indoor and outdoor locations

King Wall Heater Accessories

Shop wall heater products include grills, thermostats, mounting boxes, recess cans, and more.

King Radiant Heater Accessories

Radiant heater accessories help you feel the full warmth of your heater and create the ideal comfort zone

King Thermostat

Choose quality King Thermostats featuring electronic and mechanical single- and double-pole options.

King Heating Cable Accessories

Find a quality selection of King Electric heating cable accessories, including thermostats, controls, repair kits, and much more.

King Unit Heater Accessories

Unit heaters work to provide a bit more extra heat and include garage heaters and warehouse heaters

King Fans

Browse a selection of quality fans, include direct drive and belt drive drum fans.

King Baseboard Heater Accessories

Browse a selection of baseboard heater accessories and more.

King Ceiling Heater Accessories

Shop a selection of ceiling heater accessories such as disconnect switches, relays, thermostats, and more.

King Cabinet Heater Accessories

Find the cabinet heater parts and accessories you need to keep your space warm

King Cabinet Heater

King Electric provides quality cabinet heaters capable of heating large hallways, workshops, warehouses, and more

King Ceiling Heater

Quickly heat spaces with the King Ceiling Heater WHFC series featuring a nichrome heating element and quiet squirrel cage blower.

When did the King Manufacturing Company begin?

Since 1958, King Manufacturing Company has been the premier North American manufacturer of smart heating solutions including Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electric Heaters and Thermostats, Hydronic Heaters, and Electric Heating Cables and Accessories. They strive to build smarter, more reliable and efficient electric heating products that offer an unparalleled user experience of temperature control, while reducing energy waste.

Is it safe to leave baseboard heaters on?

King specializes in energy efficient heaters that are safe, and have low heat emissions. Some electric heaters, however, tend to run hot because they use a convection process to heat. King heaters have a safety cover that keeps the hottest parts of the heater from coming into contact with children and pets.

What is the difference between a Wall Heater and a Baseboard Heater?

A Wall Heater is a wall fan heater that helps heat large and small spaces. A Baseboard Heater warms areas up to 350 square feet with convection technology. Both heaters are typically used in bedroom, living rooms, or other rooms in a home.
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