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Stay warm in the winter and improve your air quality with a King Electric wall heater blowing gentle heat throughout your room. King Electric makes a variety of electric wall heaters that fit different room shapes and sizes. Shop HomElectrical and improve your home heating with a King Electric wall heater!

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H612 6/8 FS-GW-644AG2

What is a Wall Fan heater?

The most common type of heater, a fan driven heater, blows warm air into the room, while a wall heater installs on the wall.

A wall heater can go on a wall in any room of the house, like the living room, kitchens, and bathrooms, but though they can go on any wall, wall heaters work best on an inside wall. The heater works by running a current through a heating coil which then converts the electric energy into heat energy, and then fan draws the air over the heating coil, which warms it and blows it out into the room.

What is a hydronic heater?

A hydronic heater refers to a type of fan heater that boils hot water and uses it to heat the room by distributing the heat through tubes and then radiating it out. Along with higher energy efficiency, this type of heating system prevents cold spots from forming. Though most commonly seen in baseboard heaters, King Electric makes electric hydronic heating systems for wall heaters.

What type of heater does King Electric sell?

King Electric sells many types of wall fan heaters and hydronic heaters that come in different shape, size, BTU, wattage, and color options, and voltage options ranging from 120 volt to 277 volt, as well as different accessories. These heaters include:

  • Hydronic Wall Heater
  • Wall Heater
  • Pic-A-Watt Wall Heater
  • Designer Wall Heater
  • Under-Cabinet Hydronic Heater
  • Economy Wall Heater
  • Dial-A-Watt Wall Heater
  • Multi-Watt Wall Heater
  • Hydronic Kickspace Heater
  • Architectural Wall Heater
  • Cabinet Heater
  • Pick-A-Watt Marine Heater
  • Wet Location Wall Heater
  • Vandal resistant heater

Accessories for electric heaters include remotes, ECO2S sensors, thermostats, grills, fan switches, disconnects, and relays, while color options include white, black, bronze, and silver. You can get sizes and shapes to fit your spaces, as well as designs such as sloped-top which prevents people from setting objects on top of the heater that could melt due to the surface temperature. With hundreds of products to choose from, you can find the perfect wall heater for you today!

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