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Radiant heater accessories help you feel the full warmth of your heater and create the ideal comfort zone. Find the perfect accessories from King Electric for your radiant heating system needs at HomElectrical!

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How do radiant heaters work?

Unlike convection heaters, which use a blower, radiant heaters us an element or quartz rod. Radiant heaters use a heating element to warm people and objects in the room without giving off warm air, keeping the temperature consistent. A single element heater offers a convenient way to heat spaces such as a home office. Dual element and triple element heaters use two or three elements to reach the desired temperature. Radiant heating saves on the cost of installing two single-element heaters to heat more square feet.

Types of radiant heaters include hydronic and electric space heaters, which can be fueled in a variety of ways including oil-filled radiators and natural gas. A radiant heater delivers a farther outreach for a lesser cost, perfect for large spaces, such as a garage. Radiant heaters work best as an energy efficient option in spaces used for an intermittent period of time.

What is a recessed mount?

Different options for mounting include surface, flush, and recessed.

A wall-mounted heater saves space and emits the best head-to-toe balance. Choose this option for spaces which children or pets often occupy. A recessed mount goes inside the wall, leaving more room than a surface mount in small spaces, while providing better head-to-toe balance than a flush mount.

King Electric offers 46-inch, and 33-inch, and 24-inch mounts compatible with single, dual, and triple element RH Series heaters.

What is the purpose of a wire guard?

A wire guard prevents foreign objects from entering the heater. King Electric offers wire guards for 46-inch, 33-inch, and 24-inch single, dual, and triple element RH Series heaters.

What replacement lamp does my heater need?

Make sure that your replacement lamp works with your heater. You must choose the proper length, as well as the proper voltage, wattage, and color finish. King Electric offers 20-inch, 21-inch, 30-inch, and 43-inch replacement lamps, while voltage options include 120V, 208V, 240V, 480V, and 575V. You can choose 1600W, 2500W, 3650W, and 3800W lamps, while color finishes come in two options: clear and ruby.
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