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Keep your home warm and comfortable with an energy efficient furnace from King Electric! Capable of warming commercial or residential spaces, King Electric furnaces offer maximum comfort and a quiet operation. Find a King furnace available at HomElectrical!

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Is an electric furnace better than gas?

Each type of furnace offers their own pros and cons. Gas furnaces typically generate heat using natural gas or propane. Natural gas can warm a space quicker than an electric system as a gas unit can generate warmer air than electric units. Natural gas is often cheaper to use while propane offers the cleanest heating option.

However, not everywhere offers suitable space for propane storage or hookups for a natural gas line. Additionally, they pose a safety risk in the form of a fire hazard or carbon monoxide leak. They require professional installation as well as routine maintenance and repairs, which add up over time.

Electric furnaces use electric heating elements to produce heat while gas furnaces rely on gas and burners. To provide heat, an electric furnace draws in air. It then passes this air through a heat exchanger. Using electric heating elements, the furnace warms the air. The blower then pushes that warm air through ductwork to distribute heat around the home or building.

Electric furnaces offer a cheaper up-front cost and they’re usually easier to install. Though they still require routine maintenance, they don’t typically need as much attention as a gas unit. They also don’t pose a carbon monoxide risk! However, they cannot heat as quickly or provide as warm of air as gas units.

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Do electric furnaces need to be vented?

Unlike a gas furnace, electric furnaces do not require venting. They do not require oxygen for combustion and do not burn gas to generate heat, so they do not create the same byproducts a gas furnace would create. They do not generate carbon monoxide either.

What features does the King Electric KF/KFS ECO2 furnace offer?

The KF/KFS ECO2 model adds a state-of-the-art electronically controlled motor and 2 heating stages for added comfort and maximum energy savings. Though ideal for residential applications, these units are powerful enough for commercial applications. With its quiet operation and multi-position mounting, these units can install almost anywhere. King Electric boasts that these furnaces will provide years of excellent, maintenance-free service.

King Electric offers a variety of BTU options and two heating stages to provide maximum comfort and energy savings. They also offer 208 volt, 240 volt, or 480 volt options.

The KF/KFS ECO2 series furnaces provide these additional features:

  • ECM motor
  • Heavy duty open coil element
  • Sequenced heating elements
  • Quiet sound insulated cabinet
  • Dual inlet industrial blower
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Down flow or Up flow
  • Mobile home approved
  • Breaker disconnects
  • Baked enamel finish
  • Standard 24V control
  • Fan only relay
  • Welded cabinet design
  • 5-year limited warranty
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