King Thermostat

Comfortably control the temperature in your home with a King Electric thermostat! They offer a variety of thermostats capable of managing a wide range of heating solutions, including electric heaters, fan forced heaters, baseboards, and more. Discover a King thermostat available at HomElectrical!

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What thermostats does King Electric offer?

King Electric offers a variety of thermostats, including:

  • Programmable and Non-Programmable
  • Single or Double Pole
  • Electronic or Mechanical
  • Smart
  • What is a mechanical thermostat?

    Mechanical thermostats typically operate using a bimetallic strip that expands and contracts, communicating when to turn the heat on or shut it off. Mechanical thermostats do not offer as precise a temperature setting as electronic thermostats. Instead, they offer a temperature range.

    What is the difference between single and double pole thermostats?

    Single pole thermostats cannot turn completely off. They can only turn down. Double pole thermostats can turn completely off. Additionally, single pole thermostats have two wires while double pole thermostats have four.


    Read our blog What is the Difference Between a Single Pole and Double Pole Thermostat? to find out more about single and double pole thermostats!

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