King Cabinet Heater Accessories

Find the cabinet heater parts and accessories you need to keep your space warm. King Electric sells a wide range of heater parts to fit your commercial or residential electric heaters. Find the perfect replacement part or mounting accessory from HomElectrical today!

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What switches are available?

A disconnect switch disconnects the heater from the power source, and is typically required in building codes. An on/auto fan switch allows you to choose if you want the fan to run continuously or only turn on when the temperature dips. A hi/lo switch allows you to adjust the temperature between high and low, which can help you save energy. The 3-position switch allows you to switch between on, fan, and off. Choose the switch that allows you to use the heat settings that work best for your space.

What is a relay and transformer?

A relay relays electrical power to the heating elements and blower motor inside the furnace cabinet, and then the heating elements then provide the heat that warms the air, and the blower motor sends warm air through the ductwork.

A transformer transforms electrical energy from one circuit to another, or to multiple circuits, alternating the current from one voltage to another. Transformers take up a lot of space, so choose a relay without a transformer if you need to save space.

What mounting accessories are available?

King Electric sells many mounting accessories, including:

  • Recess trim kit
  • Back plate
  • Sub-base
  • Inside and outside corner
  • Front warm air outlet
  • Filler section
  • Pedestal kit

To wire to a remote thermostat, use a power contactor or a line voltage terminal block.

What are the thermostat control styles?

A single-pole thermostat cannot switch off unless you disconnect the power. When using a heater with a single-pole thermostat, make sure to keep items off the heater surface because the thermostat remains at a low temperature rather instead of shutting off.

A double-pole thermostat can switch on and off. After switching off a double-pole heater, the heater will stay off even if the temperature dips.

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