King Baseboard Heater

King Electric baseboard heaters keep bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas up to 350 sq. ft. warm with convection technology. These heaters circulate warm air quietly and reliably. Find a full selection of King Electric heaters at HomElectrical.

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What is a Baseboard Heater?

Electric baseboard heaters are durable, rectangular units equipped with an electric heating element built within a metal casing.

What are Baseboard heater applications?

Baseboard heaters are ideal for installation under windows so they can heat the cool air coming in.

How do Baseboard Heaters work?

Baseboard heaters typically work using passive convection. Heat is generated when electric current flows through the heater and warms the air around it. This creates a natural air flow without the use of a fan. In some cases, thermostats control the heater.

Where can the Electric Baseboard heater be installed?

These heaters can be installed on the floor as long as furniture maintain at least 6 inches away and drapery doesn’t hang within 6 inches from the heater. The floor can be carpeted as long as it does not obstruct the air flow.
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