Cadet Heater

Including everything from wall heaters to electric baseboards, Cadet heaters are built for efficiency and dependability. They are designed with professionalism in mind and are made in the USA. Own a unit with the peace of mind that it will provide warmth when it is most needed for many years to come. Shop the entire selection of Cadet heating products at guaranteed low price for your home and small office.
Cadet Heater

Cadet Wall Heater

For supplemental heat, choose a durable, energy-efficient Cadet Wall Heater with models capable of warming the bedroom, bathroom, hallway or office.

Cadet Baseboard Heater

Shop Cadet Baseboard Heaters designed by industry leader Cadet for reliable performance and quiet operation.

Cadet Perfectoe Heater - Kick Toe Heater

For an undercounter heater, the Cadet Perfectoe Heater – Kick Toe Heater offers a compact but powerful heater capable of installation in tight spaces.

Cadet Thermostat

Control the temperature and keep your room warm all winter long when you choose from this selection of thermostats, including programmable, non-programmable, and built-in thermostats.

Cadet Parts & Accessories

To maximize the performance of your Cadet heater, choose Cadet Parts and Accessories including thermostats, outlets, relays, housing, and mounts.

How long does a Cadet heater last?

The typical life span for an electric heater is 10-15 years. Most Cadet heaters are backed with up to 7 years limited parts warranties. In fact, some of its electric baseboards come with a lifetime warranty. To ensure every product provides years of reliable service, the factory uses high-quality materials so that the units can stand up to the demands of cold weather.

Who sells Cadet heating products?

As a wholesaler of high-quality HVAC equipment like a residential garage heater, HomElectrical Heating Supply offers the entire catalog on our website. Whether you are buying your items online or call one of our knowledgeable customer care representatives. HomElectrical is your source for your home heating needs.

Where is Cadet headquartered?

The company's administrative offices and primary manufacturing facility are located in Vancouver, WA. Cadet maintains a huge stock of almost every product it makes in multiple warehouses across the United States. As one of Cadet trusted top distributors, HomElectrical provides fast delivery when it is most needed through its priority partnership.

Who owns Cadet Heater?

Cadet Heating was founded in 1957 by Dick Anderson with one simple mission: "To build the best, most reliable and efficient heater at an affordable price to all its customers." Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest residential heater manufacturers in the United States while maintaining the founder's core mission.

In 2016, Cadet became part of Glen Dimplex family of brands. With Dimplex global presence, Cadet can further expand its offering with the same quality and value that customers have entrusted for so many years.

Where can I buy Cadet parts and accessories?

HomElectrical sells a wide variety of OEM Cadet heater parts and accessories for everything from the COM-PAK wall heater to the SoftHEAT baseboard heater. These accessories can help you improve the functionality of your equipment with parts like receptacle plate to Com-Pak back box wall can. A selection of items such as replacement front grill and built-in thermostat can also help your units achieve long service lives.

How do I get support?

Are you having trouble with your current Perfectoe kick toe heater?

With over 60 years of experience in the heating and electrical industries, there are no problems Cadet hasn't seen yet. Call their friendly customer service at 1-855-693-3887 during business hours to get your questions answered.

Business hours: Monday - Thursday 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Standard Time & Friday 8 AM - 3 PM

You can always email them at & one of its knowledgeable technical support member will get back with you within 24 hours.

Remember to have your Model Number and Manufacture Date available for faster service. You can find them behind the grill of any wall heaters, and the lower left corner of all electric baseboards.

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