Cadet Baseboard Heater

The Cadet Baseboard Heater is the industry standard for reliable performance and quiet operation. The Softheat models use hydronic design to keep allergies at bay while uniformly heating the bedroom. No matter which models you are looking for your home, HomElectrical has what you need at the lowest price.

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Why should I consider a CADET baseboard heater?

The top 8 reasons why you should consider a Cadet baseboard heater:
  1. Low cost installation - The universal wiring on each end allows simpler installation without the need to pull extra wires.
  2. Easy to Install - With pre-punched knockouts at every 1-inch, you can easily replace your current defective model.
  3. Industry standard for its safety feature to shut the heater off if normal operating temperatures are exceeded
  4. Practical design - Ideal for new construction or replacement

    Fun fact: Install your electric baseboards under a window for best results. Make sure you also have at least 12-inches of clearance from any furniture.

  5. Proven durability - All units are powder coated. The powder coating provides a smooth finish resistant to corrosion, scratches, fading, wear and tear.
  6. Proven construction - With minimal construction footprint, it maximizes surface area and funnel heated air quicker
  7. Lifetime warranty on certain models
  8. Made in USA

Which Cadet electric baseboard heater is best for me?

Cadet offers 3 versions for your convenience. No matter which models you end up with, rest assured that you will get the same reliable heat for many years to come.

Electric Baseboard - This low cost 24-gauge steel heater is designed for easy operation and durability. It uses convection heat technology to radiate warmth across your room. Cadet stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty.

Cadet Softheat Baseboard - This hydronic baseboard heater was designed with allergies in mind. It uses non-toxic mineral oil to provide steady and consistent heat while reducing the effect of indoor allergens. This engineered fluid has thermal storage property which ensures maximum heat efficiency. It creates more consistent surface temperatures than standard baseboards. They are ideal for bedrooms or nurseries.

Portable Baseboard - The plug-in model gives you the same benefit of an electric baseboard without the need to have a certified electrician hard wire it onto your electrical circuit. Just like any space heater, you can easily and safely move it from room to room.

What is a hydronic baseboard?

A hydronic baseboard heater uses a fluid filled heating element instead of metal to radiate heat. The Cadet SoftHeat baseboard heater uses a mineral oil that runs along a copper tubing element while the regular baseboard element is made of steel sheathed calrod. This technique has proven to be the most efficient in generating steady uniform warmth across the room. Unlike standard baseboards, it retains heat better and emits it even after the thermostat turns off.

Do I need a thermostat?

All Cadet electric baseboards require a thermostat to work. You have the option to either pair it with a built-in or a line voltage thermostat. However, for best performance and accurate temperature reading, we recommend that you consider a smart thermostat. At the least, you should install a digital programmable thermostat.

How do I install my new CADET heater?

The universal wiring allows you to install your heater on any wiring configuration. For your convenience, they are located on both ends. If you are savvy with electrical work, visit CADET YouTube channel for all its installation videos, and watch how Steve safely hard wires it onto an electrical circuit.

If you need additional help, You can always reach its technical support center at 1-855-693-3887. They are available Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 5 PM & Friday 8 AM - 3 PM Pacific Standard Time. Steve is always ready to help.

However, we highly recommend that you hire your local certified electrician.

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