Cadet Parts & Accessories

Cadet Parts & Accessories

Cadet Wall Heater Grill

Use a Cadet Wall Heater Grill with your Cadet wall heater to properly disperse warm air and add a visually appealing cover.

Cadet Heater Outlets & Relay

Add functionality to a Cadet baseboard heater with Cadet Heater Outlets and Relays which allow for electrical plug-ins or thermostat compatibility.

Cadet Wall Can

Use a Cadet Wall Can to house a Cadet wall heater for use in bedrooms, offices, or bathrooms.

Cadet Adapters & Mounts

Shop for Cadet Adapters and Mounts to add functionality to Cadet baseboard or wall heaters.

Freeze Buster Plug-In

Cadet Freeze Busters are designed to protect your electric heating devices from cold temperatures by automatically turning off, based on the ambient temperature

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