What Cadet adapters and mounts are available?

The Cadet heater adapters and mounts offered include the baseboard heater corner connector and wall heater plate adapter. Both adapters and mounts have a durable powder-coated finish to keep heaters in place with a compatible housing. Mount adapters work with surface mounted wall heaters.

What is the Cadet corner connector used for?

The Cadet corner connector works with Cadet F-series baseboard heaters to mesh two units at a corner. The connector comes in a white or almond finish.

What are the Cadet adapter plates used for?

Cadet adapter plates pair with wall cans to set Cadet wall heaters into place. Wall heaters with recessed installation or surface mounting may require a wall can and adapter plate.

Use a Cadet wall heater adapter with the Cadet Com-Pak or Cadet Com-Pak twin series. Most models require a wall-mounted thermostat. Cadet wall cans sold separately.

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