Cadet Heater Outlets & Relay

Need additional power outlets on your baseboard heater? What about options to link your thermostat and electric heating? Cadet heater outlets and relays add functionality to Cadet heaters and thermostat compatibility. Check out HomElectrical’s selection of heater outlets and relays at affordable prices.

What are heater outlets and relays used for?

Baseboard heater outlets provide the option to add an additional power source to a baseboard heater. Use heater relays in heating and air conditioning systems to manage power between devices.

Why use Cadet heater outlets?

Cadet heater outlets install conveniently to Cadet electric baseboard heaters. Cadet offers two types of outlets. Receptacle plates add an outlet to an electric baseboard heater. Load transfer switches with an outlet go one step further, adding a switch to transfer power between the heater or the outlet.

Why use Cadet heater relays?

Cadet heater relays pair with Cadet heaters to work in conjunction with thermostats. Compact in size, they can mount in hard to reach areas. Both relays can handle up to 5,000-watt loads and can control 24 volt two-wire heat only thermostats. The 1-circuit relay can handle one heating element and the 2-circuit relay can control two electrical heating elements.

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