Cadet Wall Heater

Cadet Wall Heaters are among the most dependable in the industry. Choose from the Com-Pak series or the quiet RBF electric heater to add supplemental heat in your bathroom. Whether you are replacing your aging unit, or adding a new wall heater, HomElectrical offers the lowest price and free shipping on all models.

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Why should I consider a CADET wall heater?

There are many brands that offer good and reliable wall heaters. With over 60 years of manufacturing experience, it boils down to these 3 top reasons:

  1. One of the most energy efficient in the industry
  2. Built with high durable grade materials with professional design in mind
  3. Proudly made in USA

    Which Cadet wall heater model is best for me?

    Cadet wall heaters are best suited for entry way, bedroom, bathroom, or small offices. Based on your needs, CADET offers 6 types of wall heaters that will address your situations:

    Cadet Com-Pak - Affordable and efficient wall heater that can be installed in any room. With its fast heating coil element and efficient quiet fan, it can quickly warm the air in the room.

    Cadet Energy Plus - With up to 30% less energy, this unit is the most energy efficient heater in the industry. The smart sensors make this model the easiest and safest to install and to operate.

    Cadet APEX72 - It’s designed to be installed 72 inches above the floor. Ideal for homes with little children and pets. It only needs to be cleaned once every 24 months.

    Cadet Register - With a similar design as most traditional central heating system air vents, it is the perfect wall heater to blend in with the rest of your home vents.

    Cadet RBF - Its elegant stainless steel frame design, is ideal for adding additional heat in bathrooms. The RBF101 is all about heat with its simple on/off switch design.

    Cadet NLW - The reliable choice for medium to large rooms. With 4000-Watt and its unique fan design, it can quickly and quietly warm the room. Unlike most wall heater, this unit can circulate air in fan only mode.

    What are the differences between all Com-Pak models?

    The Com-Pak series are CADET's most popular electric heaters without the expense of complicated ductwork. They are available in 4 models

    Com-Pak - This is its entry unit and ideal for smaller rooms (50 to 200 square feet.) It is factory rated at 120V, 208V, and 208V/240V and can produce up to 6825 BTUs at 2000-Watt.

    Com-Pak Twin - Ideal for larger rooms (200 to 400 sf.). This 4000-Watt 2-units in one is perfect to fend off cold drafts and breezes in entryways. It’s only available in 208V & 208V/240V versions.

    Com-Pak Max - This flagship model is designed with the sturdiest sealed element. This durable design is built to work trouble-free for years to come. It is available in a multi-watt option and comes with an extra year warranty.

    Com-Pak Bath - Perfect to get rid of chilly air in your bathroom. Due to its rust resistant element, this unit is ideal for damp locations.

    Do I need a thermostat?

    Most Cadet heaters come with a built-in thermostat. While others are designed to work with just an on/off switch. A few models such as the APEX72 do require a line voltage electronic thermostat for best performance.

    Where can I find replacement parts?

    HomElectrical offers a wide variety of OEM parts and accessories. Either you are looking for a new wall can or replace your rusted grill, we have it all. Call us and one of our customer service agents will be standing by and ready to help.

    How do I install my new CADET wall heater?

    If you are comfortable and have the basic knowledge of electrical wiring, visit CADET YouTube channel for all your DIY installation instructional videos.

    If you need further help, You can always reach its technical support center at 1-855-693-3887. They are available Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 5 PM & Friday 8 AM - 3 PM Pacific Standard Time.

    However, we highly recommend that you consult your local certified electrician for all installation and electrical work.

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