Cadet Garage Heater - The Hot One

Garage heaters meet the needs of large, hard-to-heat areas like garages or workshops. The premium utility heater offers rugged construction and can withstand debris build-up, bumps, dings, and cold winters. Heat your garage or workshop space with a durable Cadet garage heater from HomElectrical.

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What is a Cadet Garage Heater?

A garage heater is a heater consisting of a fan and an indirect radiator enclosed in a common casing and designed to circulate and warm the air of a continuous enclosed space. They are designed to meet the needs of large, hard-to-heat areas like a garage or workshop.

How do Cadet Garage Heaters work?

Cadet Garage heaters work using an indirect radiator to heat the air and a fan to spread it. Two models include 4000 and 5000 watt power.

What is the difference between a Cadet CEH Garage heater and the Cadet the Hot One garage heater?

There are several differences between the Hot One and the CEH garage heater. The most notable difference is that the CEH is designed for permanent installation while the Hot One can be moved wherever heat is needed. Aesthetically, the Hot One features a power cord and a heavy-duty bracket for a wall mount or a floor stand. They are also available in 20 and 30 amp models. The CEH garage heater is designed for mounting, not standing, and features single- or three-phase wiring options to fit many applications.

Where can I use Cadet Garage Heaters?

The Hot One can withstand debris build-up and moderate abuse making them ideal for industrial-grade, tough-to-heat, and commercial applications. Use the fan only feature for air circulation without the heat.
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