Qmark Heater

QMark is a leading manufacturer of high performance commercial & residential heaters and ventilation systems. These heaters can be installed into newly constructed or renovated office buildings, warehouses, restrooms, and homes. Browse through their selection of baseboard heaters, wall heaters, portable heaters, unit heaters, and more!
Qmark Heater

Qmark Wall Heater

Find a quality wall heater with Qmark's selection of architectural, commercial fan-forced, convection, fan-forced, and residential fan-forced wall heaters.

Qmark Unit Heater

Discover Qmark's collection of high quality garage and specialty unit heaters.

Qmark Hazardous Area Heater

Warm hazardous areas with hazardous area heaters, including explosion-proof convection and unit heaters, as well as washdown unit heaters from Qmark.

Qmark Ceiling Heater

Keep your wall or floor space clear with a selection of ceiling heaters, including commercial downflow heaters, fan-forced ceiling heater, or radiant ceiling panel heaters from Qmark.

Qmark Industrial Fan

Find a fan for your industrial areas with Qmark’s selection of direct-drive cooling fans, exhaust fans, and industrial ceiling fans.

Qmark Utility Heater

Find a Qmark utility heater to warm utility rooms, hallways, and basements.

Qmark Baseboard Heater

Shop Qmark’s line of high-quality baseboard heaters, including commercial baseboard heaters, convection baseboards, hydronic steam baseboard heaters, and pedestal electric convection heaters to find a baseboard that suits what you need.

Qmark Radiant Heater

Comfortably warm people and objects in a room with Qmark's selection of radiant heaters, including radiant cove heaters, FRP and FRS series infrared radiant heaters, industrial radiant heaters, and infrared radiant heaters.

Qmark Digital Thermostat

For use with select heater models, find the Qmark digital thermostat you need.

Qmark Convection Heater

Qmark is a leading manufacturer of convector heating solutions for any residential or commercial application

Qmark Portable Heater

Keep warm in workshops, warehouses, garages, and more using Qmark portable heaters.

What are hazardous area heaters used for?

These convection heaters from QMark are designed for industrial locations where flammable gases, chemicals, and vapors exists. They are commonly found in industries such as, sewage treatment plants, oil refineries, manufacturing plants, and chemical plants.

Are convection heaters energy efficient?

Convection heaters work by heating the air in the room, which makes them great for heating multiple rooms at a time. Convection heaters can also detect once the temperature in the room has reached the desired point on the thermostat. The heater will shut off and then turn back on once the temperature adjusts back. They can be gas-powered or electric, and come in a variety of mounting options:

  • wall-mounted convection heaters
  • standing unit convection heaters
  • fully ducted heating systems

How do radiant heaters work?

Radiant heaters can be used to heat small areas. They work perfectly as space heaters for work areas around the warehouse, garage spaces, auto shops, or outdoor areas. Unlike convection heaters that warm up the air in the room, radiant heaters use infrared heat to warm up a particular area.
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