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Qmark Heaters offers a range of analog thermostats in a variety of control options to fit any HVAC system you need. See Qmark's line of line voltage available on HomElectrical.com!

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What is an analog thermostat?

Analog thermostats are the most basic and simple to use thermostats. Analog thermostats allow you to manually change the temperature output of your heater, often through a knob, dial or slider. Because of its simplicity, an analog thermostat is the cheapest thermostat you can buy. Qmark offers a great line of affordable and reliable analog thermostats, available on HomElectrical.com

What is the difference between single and double pole thermostats?

Double pole thermostats operate on 2 circuits that allow for the unit to be fully turned off, while a single pole thermostat only operates on 1 circuit and can never be truly turned off, only turned down low. Double pole thermostats can stay turned off even if the temperature falls below the desired temperature. Depending on use, this can make double pole thermostats the more energy efficient option. Qmark offers a great selection of both styles on HomElectrical.com

Can you replace analog thermostats with digital?

You can, and it is incredibly easy to DIY.

  • First, you need to turn off the power going to the thermostat. It’s a good idea to use a voltage tester to make sure the power is fully turned off.
  • Once off, you can remove the faceplate of your thermostat and detach the wires.
  • Make sure to read the directions of your new digital thermostat and attach the wires as they say, and place your new digital thermostat on the wall.
  • Turn the power back on and set up your new digital thermostat.
  • Your old analog thermostat will need to be specially recycled as it contains mercury.

You can find a great selection of Qmark’s analog thermostats on HomElectrical.com

What is a snap action thermostat?

Also known as snap disc, snap action thermostats utilize a tiny metallic disc that will snap into place at certain temperatures. The disc interrupts the heating circuit to keep a certain temperature and must be manually reset before the next use. Qmark makes a variety of snap action thermostats, including both single and double pole options and some models including heat anticipators.

What is a heat anticipator?

A heat anticipator predicts the temperature a room will get before it gets there, prematurely telling the thermostat when it’s time to stop heating a room. The heat then rises, bringing the room to the desired temperature as originally set by the thermostat. This prevents potentially overshooting the heat in a room, leaving it warmer than the desired temperature.

Why choose Qmark?

Qmark brings quality and reliability to a variety of styles that will fit any HVAC system you may need. Want to manually set your temperature and have an automatic stop, or even need your thermostat to be explosion proof? Qmark has the analog thermostat to meet your needs. Operating on the standard 120-240V range in either single or double pole circuits, they even include built-in heat anticipators on models like this single pole snap action thermostat. All these options can be found on HomElectrical.com!

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