Qmark Hazardous Area Heater

Qmark features a variety of heaters ideal for hazardous industrial locations. These units can provide reliable comfort for harsh environments, and improve the safety of any commercial space. Browse through our selection of heavy duty explosion-proof convection heaters and wash down corrosion-proof unit heaters for your convenience!
Qmark Hazardous Area Heater

Qmark Washdown Unit Heater

Warm non-hazardous industrial locations with a high presence of dust or dirt with a moisture and corrosion-resistant washdown unit heater from Qmark.

Qmark Explosion-Proof Convection Heater

Uncover a way to heat industrial areas with harsh conditions with Qmark's selection of explosion-proof convection heaters.

Qmark Explosion-Proof Unit Heater

Designed for use in harsh industrial environments, Qmark explosion-proof unit heaters warm hazardous environments such as waste treatments plants, petrochemical plants, or paint storage areas.

What are Hazardous area heaters used for?

These heaters and ventilation systems are required by the NFPA to be installed in hazardous industrial locations that are exposed to explosive or ignitable chemicals. For the sake of fire safety, hazardous equipment is specially designed to not exceed the maximum temperature of the area. These heaters are ideal for oil refineries, treatment plants, paint storage units, greenhouses, and other chemical handling facilities.

  1. Class I Locations
  2. Class II Locations
  3. Class III Locations
  4. Group C & D
  5. Groups E, F, & G

What are wash down/corrosion resistant unit heaters used for?

These washdown/corrosion resistant unit heaters are great for non-hazardous areas. They help provide corrosion protection in environments, such as swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, car washes, food processing plants, etc.
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