Qmark Explosion-Proof Convection Heater

Browse through Qmark's selection of high quality explosion-proof convection heaters for a majority of industrial applications. These heaters are ideal for harsh conditions, such as treatment plants, oil refineries, and other areas where there is a presence of flammable gases and other ignitable chemicals.

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What is the difference between single phase and 3-phase convection heaters?

Single Phase: Single phase convection heaters refers to the type of electrical hard wiring. A single phase wiring connection goes between the power wire and the neutral wire on continuous cycle. This is the standard and most common way of powering the light switches or electrical receptacles in your building

Three-Phase: Three phase connections is a three wire circuit of power. This particular phase is ideal for commercial and industrial facilities that require more power to run their heaters.

Where can I install explosion-proof convection heaters?

Explosion-proof convection heaters should be installed in hazardous locations. These heaters are commonly used in Class 1, Division 1, and Division 2 areas. Explosion-proof heaters are ideal for manufacturing plants, treatment plants, oil refineries, and other industrial applications. They can easily mount to the wall and come in with a built in junction box for easy wiring.
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