Qmark Industrial Fan

Qmark brings a great selection of industrial fan products that you can find on HomElectical.com to effectively cool your workshop and warehouse!
Qmark Industrial Fan

Qmark Industrial Ceiling Fan

Shop from a great selection of heavy duty commercial and industrial ceiling fans!

Qmark Industrial Fan Accessories

Shop from Qmark’s great selection of downrods, fan blades, manual starter switches, and more.

Qmark Exhaust Fan

Shop from several of Qmark’s highly efficient exhaust fans.

What is an industrial fan?

Industrial fans are large fans that are highly efficient and designed for cooling larger spaces. Qmark makes a variety of products for all of your industrial cooling needs, bringing a great selection of industrial ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and a number of accessories for both, all available on HomElectrical.com!

What is the difference between an industrial and residential fan?

Industrial fans are significantly more powerful than the average residential fan, as they are designed for cooling larger, more industrial spaces such as warehouses and other larger open buildings. As a result, industrial fans require more power to run. However, an industrial fan’s efficiency will save energy in the long run, as industrial fan’s have significantly larger fan blades. Industrial fans provide better cooling for your building while turning less frequently than a residential fan would need to cool the same room.

What is an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans improve air quality by working to remove pollutants from a room’s airspace, such as smoke, odors, and humidity. Exhaust fans take this poor air and vent it outside, effectively making the air quality more breathable, making both a safer and happier work environment. Qmark offers several high performing exhaust fans at HomElectrical, including this 3-phase 42-in Exhaust Fan!

How can I improve my industrial fan?

Qmark offers a great selection of accessories to improve your industrial fan system. Need to extend your downrod? Change your fan blades? Maybe even switch from mechanical to rotary control? No matter your need, Qmark has the accessory to make your life easier, such as their downrod extension kit, available in both brown and white colors.

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