Qmark Portable Heater

Qmark is a your leading supplier of portable electric heaters that are ideal for any commercial or residential application. These durable heaters provide optimal safety and comfort while providing quality heat for any garage, work space, auto shop, construction site, or warehouse.
Qmark Portable Heater

Qmark Portable Space Heater

Keep garages, workshops, and warehouses warm with a selection of portable space heaters, including portable unit heaters, electric blowers, and more from Qmark.

Qmark Fan-Forced Utility Space Heater

Qmark fan-forced utility space heaters offer an automatic thermostat and two heat settings to comfortably warm garages, warehouses, and auto shops.

What is a fan-forced utility space heater?

Portable fan-forced heaters from Qmark offer two heating setting for optimal heat and comfort. Their built-in carrying handle and guards makes them ideal from, warehouses, receptionist areas, and garages.

What is a portable unit space heater?

Portable unit heaters from Qmark feature an adjustable thermostat for maintaining your desired temperature. They are easy to carry and feature easy to carry handles, making them ideal for heating workshops, lobbies, warehouses, and stairwells.
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