Qmark Portable Space Heater

Qmark is your leading supplier of portable space heaters. They come in a variety of sizes, BTU's, and wattages, making them the perfect addition to your garage, workshop, warehouse, or construction site. Heating comfort starts with Qmark!

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How to choose the right portable space heater?

Finding the space heater for your office building, work space, warehouse, auto shop. or garage does not have to be hard. First thing is to figure out the square footage that needs heating. A great rule of thumb is to allot about 10 watts per square foot.

Here is the best way to measure the wattage and BTU's needed for your portable space heater.

Square Footage Maximum Wattage BTU/H
400 sq. ft. 4,000 watts 13,650 BTU
560 sq. ft. 5,600 watts 19,110 BTU
1,000 sq. ft. 10,000 watts 34,120 BTU
1,500 sq. ft. 15,000 watts 51,180 BTU
750 sq. ft. 7,500 watts 52,598 BTU
950 sq. ft. 9.500 watts 32,424 BTU
3,000 sq. ft. 30,000 watts 102,236 BTU 
4,800 sq. ft. 48,000 watts 163,776 BTU 
6,000 sq. ft. 60,000 watts  204,720 BTU 


Are portable space heaters safe to run?

Portable space heaters Qmark can provide quick and heated comfort for any commercial space. They come equipped with a safety overload switch and a safety tip-over switch. It is not recommended, however, to leave your space heaters on and unattended. The plug could pose a potential tripping hazard.
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