Qmark Fan-Forced Utility Space Heater

Fan-forced utility space heaters from Qmark are the perfect heating solution for your auto shop, garage, or warehouse. These portable heaters feature an automatic thermostat to set your desired temperature, and two heat settings for a full range of comfort.

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How do fan-forced portable space heaters work?

These heaters provide quick bursts of heated comfort, and can be used in warehouse spaces, workshops, or garages. Fan-forced utility heaters from Qmark are heavy duty, durable, and powerful for any commercial or industrial heating application.

How to measure how much wattage your portable space heater should be?

Before you purchase a portable utility space heater for your workspace or garage, follow these simple steps to figure out what wattage you need.

Measuring Wattage

  1. Measure the square footage of the area that needs heating
  2. Calculate the wattage. Rule of Thumb: 10 watts per square feet. This means that a 400 square foot area would need a 4,000 watt portable space heater to heat that space.

Measuring BTU's

  1. Convert your wattage to BTU's
  2. Calculate the BTU's. Rule of Thumb: One watt is approximately 3.41 BTU's. So, a 4,000 watt portable space heater would provide about 13,640 BTU's of heat.
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