Qmark Baseboard Heater

Qmark offers a line of high quality and energy efficient baseboard heaters that are ideal for residential as well as commercial applications. They help to provide maximum air quality in any home, commercial, or industrial building. Qmark electrical baseboard heaters are specifically designed for quiet operation and easy installation.
Qmark Baseboard Heater

Qmark 2500 Series Electric Baseboard Heater

The Qmark 2500 series offers electric baseboard heaters that work well to heat homes, offices, and other commercial or residential applications.

Qmark Hydronic Steam Baseboard Heater

Discover hydronic steam baseboards that utilize steam to warm a room, as well as accessories to accompany them, from Qmark.

Qmark Baseboard Heater Accessories

Browse a selection of Qmark’s useful baseboard heater accessories.

Qmark Commercial Baseboard Heater

Heat commercial areas, including hotel lobbies, conference rooms, or hallways, with a durable and efficient Qmark commercial baseboard heater.

Qmark Pedestal Electric Convection Heater

In areas where you must install away from walls or floor-to-ceiling windows, use Qmark pedestal electric convection heaters to keep your space warm.

Qmark Electric Convection Heater

Qmark, a leading manufacturer in residential and commercial heating solutions, offers additional pedestal legs and end caps to compliment select heaters.

How do Hydronic steam baseboard heaters work?

Hydronic steam baseboard heaters from Qmark offer an energy efficient way to provide an even warm temperature to a room. These heaters work through both convection and radiant heating. The hydronic system uses warm water vapor to heat a room and uses ventilation valves to release the water pressure.

When the thermostat is set to the desired temperature, the furnace will heat the water in the system. The steam will circulate through the hydronic steam baseboard heaters, and then throughout the room. All of the cool water vapor will return back through the hydronic system, and the process continues on a cycle until you have reached the desired temperature.

What is the difference between convection and hydronic electric heaters?

Convection heaters and Hydronic heaters are very similar in structure, and will both heat up quickly and quietly. Although they are quick to heat, it could take more time for the space to heat up. They can both also be installed easily through the wiring in your building, so no plugs are required.

Convection Heaters:

  • Low purchase cost
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat disperses quickly
  • more size options
  • Convection heaters cool down quickly. They are not hot to touch

Electric Hyrdronic Heaters:

  • Long lasting steam-powered heat
  • High purchase cost
  • Energy efficient, and can practically pay themselves over time
  • Fewer size options
  • They can take longer to reach desired temperature

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