Qmark Commercial Baseboard Heater

Qmark provides high quality electric baseboard heaters that are ideal for any zoned primary or secondary heating applications. These commercial grade baseboard heaters feature built-in-wire systems, making them much easier to install. They provide a durable and energy efficient heating solution to any commercial space, such as conference rooms, hallways, hotel lobbies, and hospital waiting rooms.

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Can I hook up multiple electric baseboard heaters to one thermostat?

It is especially convenient to mount multiple baseboard heaters, and hook them up to the same thermostat. However, the amount of heaters that you are allowed to install to one thermostat is entirely up to your circuit breaker. The important thing to make sure of is the maximum watts allowed on your circuit. Never exceed the max wattage.

  • If you have a 240 volt circuit on a 20 amp double pole breaker, there is a maximum of 3,840 watts on that circuit.
  • You could potentially install three 1,000-watt baseboard heaters to the same thermostat on this circuit.

How do I calculate how many electric baseboard heaters I need?

When replacing or adding new heaters to a particular space, it is important to understand how square footage plays an important role in deciding how many heaters to purchase. Generally speaking, you need about 10 watts per square foot of space.

If an office space is 1,200 square feet...

  1. Multiply the square feet by 10 watts.
  2. You will need 12,000 total watts
  3. Measure each wall's width
  4. Lastly, determine the layout of your heaters. Will they go underneath all of the windows? How long should they be?

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