Qmark Wall Heater

Qmark offers a variety of high quality and durable wall heaters that can be easily installed in any residential, commercial, or industrial location. These heaters can maintain the perfect heated temperature for optimum comfort. Browse through Qmark's selection of wall heaters today!
Qmark Wall Heater

Qmark Commercial Fan-Forced Wall Heater

Qmark offers wall, floor, or pedestal mounted convection heaters for use in commercial or residential applications.

Qmark Fan-Forced Wall Heater

For commercial and industrial spaces that require quick and long-lasting heat, find heavy-duty fan-forced wall heaters from Qmark.

Qmark Architectural Wall Heater

Offering a selection of styles and heavy-duty models, you can find a wall heater to suit your space with Qmark Architectural wall heaters.

Qmark Convection Wall Heater

Use Qmark convection wall heaters to heat residential, commercial, and industrial spaces such as offices or reception areas.

What is the difference between residential and commercial fan-forced wall heaters?

The difference is all in the wattage! Commercial spaces will generally need a large power output than residential spaces. Residential fan-forced heaters will range between 500 and 2000 watts depending on the square footage, while commercial heaters can range from 2000 to 4800 watts.

Are Qmark wall heaters warrantied?

All products manufactured by Qmark or Marley Engineered Products come with a warranty against defects in the mechanics for one year from the date of installation. This one year warranty does not apply to damages uncured from misuse, accidents, alteration, or improper installation.
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