Qmark Convection Wall Heater

Qmark is a leading supplier of convection wall heaters ideal for heating any residential, commercial, or industrial space. Easily surface mounted or recessed into larger wall sections, these heater units are a great source of heat for offices, reception rooms, and similar light duty commercial areas. Browse through our selection of convector wall heaters from Qmark today!

How should I install the Qmark convection wall heaters?

These heating units should be wall mounted only, no closer than 3" to the floor or 12" to any adjacent wall surface. DO NOT install any closer than 18" to the ceiling.

How often should I clean and maintenance Qmark convection wall heaters?

These units should be cleaned annually to remove any dust or dirt that has collected in or around the heater.

  1. Turn off all power to the heater
  2. remove the exterior grille
  3. Using a vacuum cleaner with nozzle attachment or a duster, remove all dust from in and around the wall heater
  4. After cleaning, reinstall the grille, and restore the power back to the unit
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