Qmark Commercial Fan-Forced Wall Heater

Commercial fan-forced wall heaters from QMark are specially designed to provide a quick and easy heating solution to any commercial space These heaters are ideal for hotels, garages, retail stores, hallways, and more! Browse through their selection of electric wall heaters today!

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Are wall mounted heaters safe?

Commercial fan-forced wall heaters from QMark are equipped with a built-in power switch that will automatically disconnect for added safety during maintenance. These heating units also feature lubricated motors that will provide low maintenance for the life of your wall heater.

How should Qmark commercial fan-forced wall heaters be installed?

These units should be wall mounted only.

  1. Do not install this heater closer than 8" to the floor or adjacent wall surface.
  2. Do not install closer than 36" to the ceiling

How often should I clean and maintenance Qmark commercial fan-forced wall heaters?

These heaters should be cleaned and maintenanced annually to remove any dirt, dust or particles trapped in the unit.

  1. Turn off all power to the unit
  2. Remove the grille
  3. Using a vacuum cleaner with brush or nozzle attachment, remove all lint and dust from the interior and exterior of the wall heater and grille.
  4. After cleaning, replace grille, and restore power to the heater
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