Qmark Ceiling Heater

Qmark offers a variety of surface-mounted ceiling heaters for your convenience. These sleek and modern ceiling heaters perfectly maximize your wall and floor space, and can be easily mounted to flat or recessed ceilings. Browse through their selection of fan forced, commercial down flow, or radiant panel heaters today!
Qmark Ceiling Heater

Qmark Radiant Ceiling Panel Heater

Warm hotels, bathrooms, homes, and commercial spaces with an efficient Qmark radiant ceiling panel heater.

Qmark Fan-Forced Ceiling Heater

Discover Qmark fan-forced ceiling heaters that operate best in commercial areas with limited surface mounting space.

Qmark Commercial Downflow Heater

Qmark commercial downflow heaters can recess or surface mount to provide optimum heat.

What is a down flow ceiling heater?

Commercial down flow heaters from Qmark heat up the air in the room, and disperses the warm air through the heater's duct work. The heater's furnace is commonly installed in the attic, basement, or crawl space of the building.

What are fan-forced ceiling heaters?

Fan-forced heaters circulate the warm air through a fan. The heater heats up the surrounding air and warms up the room quickly by forcing the hot air to the room. These heater fans are ideal for bathrooms, hallways, and closet spaces, and can take up less space than a traditional convection heater.

What are radiant ceiling panel heaters?

Radiant ceiling panel heaters are perfect for heating rooms with minimal floor or wall mounting space. They can be easily installed into office spaces, hallways, lobbies, utility closets, bathrooms, basements, and more.
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