Qmark Fan-Forced Ceiling Heater

These Fan-Forced commercial ceiling heaters from Qmark are specifically designed for applications with limited surface mounting space. These heaters feature a thermal cut off function that will shut off in the event of overheating. Browse through their selection of surface mounted and recessed mounted commercial heaters.

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MEP 3301-2030-001

Are fan-forced commercial heaters energy efficient?

Fan-Forced heaters work by drawing in the surrounding cool air, cycling that air through the heater, and forcing the heated air to warm up the room. They can heat a room up quickly and efficiently, because all of their energy input is used as heat output. They will use all of the power it takes to run, and turn it into 100% heat.

What are some advantages of a fan-forced heater?

Fan-forced heaters are a great energy efficient option for your residential or commercial space.

  1. They are ideal for hallways, bathrooms, utility closets, garages, laundry rooms, hotel rooms, etc.
  2. They can heat up quickly
  3. Energy Efficient
  4. Easy to install

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