Qmark Radiant Ceiling Panel Heater

Radiant Ceiling Panel Heaters from Qmark are the perfect option for all of your building retrofits. These energy efficient heaters are specifically designed to surface mount on a flat or recessed ceiling. Their easy installation makes these radiant heaters the perfect heating solution for hotels, bathrooms, entryways, hospitals, and other residential and commercial spaces.

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What is the difference between convection and radiant heaters?

Convection Heaters: convection heaters use the surrounding air to circulate the heat around the room. These heaters are great for heating large spaces. One of the many benefits of convection heaters is that they can heat a closed room for a longer period of time.

Radiant Heaters: radiant heaters use less energy by transferring generated heat directly to the occupants, rather than to the surrounding air in the building. This makes these heaters ideal for offices, hallways, lobbies, conference rooms, retail spaces, locker rooms, laboratories, yoga studios, living rooms, bedrooms, public restrooms.

What are some benefits to radiant ceiling panel heaters?

Ceiling panel heaters run by transferring infrared heat to the surrounding people and objects. Unlike convection heaters that heat up the surrounding air, radiant heaters are 100% energy efficient. Their sleek design has absolutely no moving parts, and comes in a galvanized or aluminium steel housing.

Some other benefits include:

  • low maintenance
  • more energy efficient
  • runs on less wattage
  • you can set different room temperatures

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