Qmark Utility Heater

Qmark is your leading supplier of utility heaters ideal for heating utility rooms, hallways, and basements. These convection heaters work by drawing cool air, pushing the air through to the heating element, and circulating the hot air until the room reaches the desired temperature. Easily mounted to the wall, these heaters come equipped with a built-in thermostat. Browse our selection of utility well house heaters and electric wall furnace heaters from Qmark today!

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How are Qmark wall utility heaters installed?

These heating units are designed for horizontal wall mounting only and are factory wired for use at 240/208 volts but can be re-wired for use at 120 volts. They must be mounted horizontally to allow air to flow freely upward in order to cool the steel sheath, aluminum finned heating element.

How does the Qmark electric counterflow wall furnace operate?

This unit works by drawing cool through the exterior grille. The air is pushed downward toward the open coil electric heating element by a large fan blower. The warm air then circulates out through the bottom grille of the heater and warms the space through convection heating. The heater runs on a single-phase 240V line voltage and produces 9.2 kW of heat or 31,396 BTU/Hr.

How do I properly clean Qmark utility heaters?

  1. Keep your unit clean
  2. Use a soft brush, compressed air or vacuum to clean any dust, dirt or particles from the exterior and interior of the heater
  3. Keep the fan clean by dusting and cleaning periodically
  4. Properly lubricate the motor by adding a few drops of #20 non-detergent oil into the bearing cavity
  5. Never use any chemical solvents or abrasive cleaners
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