Qmark Convection Heater

Qmark is a leading manufacturer of convector heating solutions for any residential or commercial application. These convection heaters are ideal for providing the most comfort under windows, and can create the perfect draft barrier for your space. These heating units can be floor-mounted, wall-mounted, or mounted on pedestals, for your convenience.

How much wattage is needed to heat up a room?

Institutional electric convector heaters come in a variety of wattage and voltage options for your convenience. The wattage of convection heater refers to the amount of energy that is required to heat up. The voltage amount, however, is the amount of power needed to run the equipment. Follow this chart for a voltage to wattage chart:

Voltage Wattage
120 volts 400 watts
240 volts 400 watts
208 volts  750 watts 
277 volts 750 watts
208 volts 1000 watts
240 volts 1250 watts 
347 volts 1500 watts 
347 volts  2000 watts
600 volts 2000 watts


What are the dimensions for Qmark convection heaters?

Qmark's electric convection heaters all feature the same height and depth, but come in a variety of length options. Ideal for offices, conference rooms, hallways, lobbies, waiting rooms, conference rooms, and other commercial spaces, these heaters have a variety of size options for any of your needs.

Wattage Length Height  Depth 
400 watts  24 16 5
750 watts  36 16 5
1000 watts 48 16 5
1250 watts 60 16 5
1500 watts  72 16 5
2000 watts 96 16 5


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