Qmark Radiant Heater

Radiant heaters, often referred to as Infrared heaters, from Qmark help to provide a uniform, clean, safe, and warm environment for your space. They are ideal for spot heating and heating outdoor areas, such as outdoor patios, bus stops, sports facilities, and shipping/loading areas.
Qmark Radiant Heater

Qmark FRP and FRS Infrared Radiant Heater

Uncover consistent warmth for your workshops, gyms, warehouses, and more with Qmark FRP and FRS series infrared radiant heaters.

Qmark Infrared Radiant Heater

Qmark offers infrared radiant heaters as well as accessories to protect your radiant heater.

Qmark Industrial Infrared Radiant Heater

Find a durable heat source to warm areas like manufacturing plants and assembly areas with Qmark industrial infrared radiant heaters.

Qmark Portable Radiant Heater

Portable Radiant Heaters from Qmark are a great choice for spot heating

Qmark Electric Radiant Cove Heater

Shop Qmark to find electric radiant cover heaters to heat offices, hallways, retail spaces, or hallways.

How do radiant heaters work?

Radiant heaters used infrared technology to heat people and objects in a particular space. These infrared heaters are designed to provide energy efficient heating solutions, and are commonly used in outdoor environments. Radiant heaters can be ceiling and floor mounted and can provide immediate heat without the interruption from cold winds or noisy fans and blowers.

Are infrared heaters affordable to run?

Unlike convection heaters that heat up the surrounding air, infrared heaters radiate heat directly to the objects or people. Also referred as radiant heat, infrared heat is very energy efficient. They are much quieter than your traditional fan-forced heaters, and won't blow around any dust or particles in the air.
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