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Browse through our selection of Infrared Radiant Heaters from Qmark. These heaters can focus their radiant energy to surrounding people and objects and provide optimum heated comfort, making them ideal for spot heating. They can easily be installed into workshops, garages, warehouses, or loading docks. Choose from Qmark's selection of residential and commercial infrared radiant heaters today!

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What is the benefit of quartz tubed radiant heaters?

Quartz tube heaters are ideal for spot heating, and can be used in indoor or outdoor commercial applications.

  • laundry rooms
  • work shops
  • work stations
  • sports stadiums
  • warehouses
  • loading docks
  • aircraft hangers
  • driving ranges

Quartz Tubes:

  • 61% radiant efficiency
  • Low physical strength
  • Fast heat-up, Fast cool-down
  • Max temperature: 1600°F
  • Low color sensitivity

Are infrared radiant heaters more effective than convection heaters?

Electric infrared heaters generate heat through heater coils inside of the equipment. Commonly mounted to the ceiling, infrared radiant heaters can heat up surrounding people and objects directly. This makes them perfect for spot heating. These heaters can be used in many types of environments:

  • Outdoor areas
  • Indoor areas
  • Marine environments
  • Corrosive atmospheres

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