Qmark Electric Radiant Cove Heater

Qmark is a leading distributor of Electric Radiant Cove Heaters. These energy efficient radiant heaters can easily be mounted to the wall and offers a space-saving solution to your commercial space. Cove heaters are ideal for offices, hallways, lobbies, retail spaces, hospitals, basements, and more!

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What are radiant cove heaters?

Cove heaters, like any radiant heater, will heat the surrounding objects rather than the surrounding air. They offer space-saving solutions and can be easily wall-mounted. Electric radiant cove heaters can be a great energy efficient alternative to baseboard heaters.

What is the main difference between convection and radiant heaters?

Convection Heaters: These heaters heat up a room by heating all of the surrounding air in the space.

Radiant Heaters: Unlike convection heaters, radiant heaters transfer the heat that they generate to the surrounding objects and people in a room.

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