Qmark Industrial Infrared Radiant Heater

Qmark offers a variety of industrial infrared heaters that provide a range of heating options. Industrial infrared heaters feature a high-watt density that can provide a durable source of heat. These heaters are ideal for wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing plants and assembly areas.

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What is the difference between single phase and 3 phase?

Single Phase: Single phase is a two wire alternating power circuit. This is the most common type of power with a standard 120V.

Three Phase: 3 phase is a three wire alternating power circuit. This type of electrical wiring is commonly found in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Electricians will choose 3 phase when installing heaters, because it can provide a larger power current.

What is the benefit of metal sheathed industrial infrared heaters?

Industrial infrared heaters are ideal for loading docks, walkways, auto repair facilities, and assembly areas. They can easily be mounted to the ceiling, and their heavy duty stainless steel material makes them great for indoor and outdoor areas.

Metal sheathed industrial infrared heaters:

  • 56% radiant efficiency
  • High physical strength
  • Slow heat up and cool down
  • Max temperature: 1400°F
  • Low color sensitivity

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