Qmark Unit Heater

Qmark offers wide variety of high quality and high performance unit heaters. Easily surface mounted to the wall or ceiling, find the right heater for your space. Browse through our selection of Industrial unit heaters, fan forced heaters, garage unit heaters, and more!
Qmark Unit Heater

Qmark Garage Unit Heater

Uncover the heater you need to warm garages, small warehouses, and storage facilities with Qmark’s selection of garage unit heaters.

Qmark Unit Heater Accessories

Qmark’s selection of unit heater accessories are designed to be replacement parts for their line of unit heaters, with selections of motors, fan blades, heating elements, and more.

Qmark Specialty Unit Heater

Featuring floor drop-in heaters, cabinet heaters, compact unit heaters, and more, you can heat a variety of spaces with a Qmark specialty unit heater.

How are the Qmark unit heaters installed?

These stainless steel unit heaters from Qmark can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. (Mounting brackets are included)

Do the Qmark garage unit heaters come with a warranty?

Yes. These unit heaters come with a one year warranty against any defects in the mechanism. The warranty does not cover damages incurred from accident, misuse, alteration, or improperly installed.

How often should garage unit heaters be maintenanced?

To assure safe and efficient operation, these units should be maintenanced by a qualified service personnel at least annually. We recommend replacing the 2 AAA batteries in the remote control periodically.

How do I clean Qmark unit heaters?

Always make sure the heater has completely cooled down before cleaning or maintenance

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to remove any dust or lint trapped in the grill opening. We recommend using compressed air cans as well.
  2. Using a damp cloth, wipe any excess dust on the exterior surfaces. Be careful not to let water get inside the unit heater.
  3. Never use any chemical solvents to clean the heater.
  4. Return the power to heater and check to make sure it is operating properly.
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