Qmark Garage Unit Heater

Qmark is your leading supplier of garage unit heaters that are ideal for any garage, small warehouse, or storage facility. Easily mounted to the wall or ceiling, these garage unit heaters are a great option for heating your space. Browse through our selection of Industrial unit heaters and electric fan-forced heaters today!

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How do I install Industrial unit heaters?

Qmark Industrial unit heaters can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. Most units come with mounting brackets for horizontal or vertical flow mounting.

How are the Qmark Industrial heaters powered?

All Qmark unit heater motors are 240V and operate on a power transformer on 480V and 600V heaters. (A separate fan or motor control power source is not needed)

How does the automatic fan delay work?

All Qmark unit heaters feature an automatic fan delay. When the thermostat is set to "heat," the fan is delayed until the stainless steal tubular heating element heats up. Once the heater reaches the desired temperature, the fan continues to operate until the element is cool. This helps:

  • Prevent circulation of cold air
  • Avoids exposing unit to residual heat
  • Provide a better comfort level
  • Reach desired temperature level quickly
  • Prolong the life of your heater
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