Qmark Specialty Unit Heater

Qmark is your leading supplier of specialty unit heaters ideal for installation in walkways, terminals, plenum spaces or other concealed areas. These high performance heaters can be mounted to wall or ceiling and feature a built in thermostat for ease and temperature control. Browse through our selection of zero clearance unit heaters, plenum rated heaters, and cabinet unit heaters today!

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Where are zero clearance compact unit heaters normally installed?

Commonly referred to as plenum-rated, zero clearance compact unit heaters from QMark are great options for spot heating. They are commonly installed in:

  • factory assembly lines
  • outdoor concession stands
  • basements/attics
  • areas between a structural ceiling and a drop-down ceiling
  • any area that receives less sunlight

What does plenum rated mean?

Plenum spaces refer to the space between a structural ceiling and drop-down ceiling. Plenum rated unit heaters can be installed areas that are not readily accessible or for freeze protection.

How should I install the Qmark zero clearance compact unit heaters?

These plenum heaters can be installed in the following ways:

  1. Mounted in the horizontal-right installation position
  2. The unit can be rotated on its axis in any position needed (can not be mounted vertically).
  3. Units can be independently suspended with support channels or straps (be careful not to obstruct access to control panel with support channels or straps.

How do I properly clean and maintenance specialty unit heaters from Qmark?

All maintenance and repair should be performed by qualified personnel only.

  1. Make sure to inspect all electrical connections and terminals periodically.
  2. To avoid electrical wiring difficulties, inspect all wiring for frayed or worn insulation.
  3. Keep the exterior surfaces clean of dirt and dust with compressed air, a vacuum, or dust brush.
  4. If the fan or motor ever needs to be replaced, make sure it is an identical factory supplied motor or blower
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