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A wall heater or ceiling heater adds comfort to your home, garage, or business by quickly heating smaller spaces. Browse our collection to find one that fits your needs and your budget.
Heat residential and commercial spaces up to a specified square footage using HomElectrical’s selection of wall heaters as well as wall heater accessories.
Warm lobbies, halls, entranceways, and more using HomElectrical’s selection of ceiling heaters capable of heating up to a specified amount of square footage as well as ceiling heater accessories.
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Where Should I Install a Fan Heater?

Fan heaters provide heat to smaller spaces. This makes them great for areas such as the corner of the garage near the work table, an attic bedroom, or a basement bathroom. Areas of your home that are not heated well by your HVAC system may benefit from a fan heater installation, especially if they are used for extended periods of time.

How Do I Maintain a Ceiling Heater or Wall Heater?

• Make sure you install your heater in a place where it is meant to operate. For example, don't install a bathroom heater in an outdoor area.

• Keep your heater clean and clear of dust and debris. Something like a leaf or pet hair being heated can create a fire hazard.

• Don't run your heater nonstop for long periods of time. The safety information that comes with your unit should tell you how long it is safe to continuously operate the appliance.

• If you don't have the appropriate experience, have your heater installed by a professional. Incorrect installation can cause the heater to malfunction or even create a fire hazard.

How Does a Fan Heater Work?

Fan heaters consist of two major components: a fan and a heating element. The fan blows air over the heating element, which warms the air. This heated air is what comes out of the fan heater and raises the temperature in the space you're trying to make more comfortable in colder weather.
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