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Find relief from the cold when you enter through that doorway with a ceiling fan heater from HomElectrical. Ceiling fan heaters are ideal for a variety of applications especially those in lobbies, garages, halls, or entrance ways where wall heaters are not practical. Explore our full selection and uncover the right ceiling heater for your application with HomElectrical. Learn more about ceiling fan heaters by reading our Q&A!
Heat spaces up to 150 sq. ft. with HomElectrical’s selection of ceiling heaters, including air curtain ceiling fan heaters as well as other ceiling fan heaters.
Warm up spaces up to 300 sq. ft. with HomElectrical’s vast selection of ceiling fan heaters, including options capable of recessed or surface mounting.
You can find ceiling heater accessories, including disconnect switches, mounting accessories, relay kits, and more available for select heaters.

Ceiling Heater - Up To 1000 Sq. Ft.

Comfortably heat your spaces with ceiling heaters capable of heating up 1000 sq. ft., available as commercial air curtains and other ceiling fan heater options.

Ceiling Heater - Up To 500 Sq. Ft.

Find a ceiling heater capable of heating a space up to 500 sq. ft., available with select models offering built-in thermostat options to comfortably control your heater.
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What are Ceiling Fan Heaters Used For?

A ceiling fan heater is a type of forced-air heating appliance that operates by pushing the hot air down away from the ceiling. These heaters are a great way to both cool and heat up spaces including: lobbies, hallways, garages, or areas that are unable to accommodate a wall heater.

  • They are ceiling mounted.
  • They are high above children, helping to avoid accidents.
  • Distance from people in the room reduces risk of tampering or vandalism.
  • Comes equipped with thermal protection.
  • Has an automatic reset that increases safety and security of users.

What is Forced-Air Heating Technology?

This type of heating system uses a furnace or heat pump to warm the air and releases it through ductwork and vents. Cold air is pulled into the system where it is filtered and heated. The filter gets rid of any allergens and dust that could be brought in with the air. It is the only energy efficient heating system that is able to combine heating and cooling.

What Does BTU/H Mean?

BTU stands for British thermal unit which is a measurement of how much heat energy is used to raise the temperature of one pound of water. The ‘H’ refers to how many BTUs are used in an hour.

What's the Difference Between Single-phase and Three-phase Power Supply?

  • Single Phase—a two-wire alternating current (AC) power circuit that is commonly found in households and residential areas.
  • Three Phase—a three wire alternating current (AC) that is generally found in commercial buildings due to its power density and flexibility. This wire arrangement will provide 1.7 times more power than a single phase arrangement.

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