Dimplex Heater

Dimplex is a world leader in electrical heating. Dimplex’s versatile heating systems feature styles and functions perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential settings. With innovations in technological design and quality, Dimplex Heat prioritizes customer support and satisfaction. Discover the best heating unit for your home or business at HomElectrical today!
Dimplex Heater

Dimplex Baseboard Heater

Purchase superior electric baseboard heaters with a Dimplex Baseboard Heater to keep warm when temperatures drop.

Dimplex Electric Outdoor/Patio Heaters

Continue to enjoy outdoor spaces in the winter with Dimplex Electric Outdoor Heaters featuring infrared technology that projects a precise beam of heat.

Dimplex Accessories

Upgrade your Dimplex electric heater with Dimplex Accessories like trim kits, controllers, mounting brackets, and door kits offered at low prices by HomElectrical.

Dimplex Wall Heaters

Purchase Dimplex Wall Heaters for high quality forced air heaters to provide warmth in the winter.

Dimplex Unit Heaters

Use Dimplex Unit Heaters for high output heating in large spaces for commercial applications.

Dimplex Electric Log Set

Purchase an electric heating solution to existing fireplaces with a Dimplex Electric Log Set featuring a realistic flame and models with a variety of wood types.

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

Shop for faux fireplaces to provide heat and ambiance without the disadvantages of a fire with Dimplex Electric Fireplaces.

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