Dimplex Electric Log Set

Dimplex electric log sets provide convenient and customizable heating to various sized spaces. Choose from several sizes and wood color options at HomElectrical to best suit the style of your home.

What is an electric log set?

An electric log set is a heating appliance that is designed to simulate a standard wood-burning fireplace.

Electric log sets are plug-in systems that do not require wood logs or a chimney, making them safer than traditional fireplaces.

Dimplex uses new Revillusion technology in their electric log sets to provide more authentic looking flames while patented Thruview technology improves visibility of flames from any direction.

What is Revillusion and Thruview technology?

Dimplex Revillusion is a remote-operated system that allows the user to control the size, brightness, and randomness of flames within the electric log set.

Dimplex Thruview is an innovative design concept that allows for clearer visibility of flames.

Thruview technology uses a frosted masonry panel to reflect flames onto the back of the fireplace.

How is an electric log set different from a traditional fireplace?

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces require thorough maintenance of the firebox and chimney during the months of non-use. Additionally, professional maintenance is also required for safe operation.

Dimplex electric log sets are plug-in devices that provide the real-life experience of a log fireplace without the necessary maintenance and ventilation.

Revillusion technology also provides customizable features that are not available with a traditional fireplace.

Can an electric log set heat my home?

Yes! Dimplex electric log set models contain on-demand heating that can be operated with or without flames.

A hidden fan-forced ceramic heating system is an option provided for smaller spaces such as apartments.

What makes Dimplex Revillusion electric log sets unique?

The uniqueness of a Dimplex electric log set lies within its customizable features and size models.

Dimplex electric log sets come in either 20” and 25” size options with three available ceramic wood color choices:

  • Traditional
  • Birch Log Set
  • Fresh Cut Log

Unique customizable features include:

  • Mood Lighting
  • Color Enhancement
  • Brightness and Flicker

What are the benefits of choosing an electric log set?

Electric log set systems at Dimplex are standalone units designed to be placed in a separate firebox or housing for additional customization.

Dimplex electric log sets have a low carbon footprint, and do not produce any harmful smoke or emissions.

You can use electric log set heating systems year-round for both ambience and heat and they are suitable for multiple differently sized rooms.

Dimplex Revillusion technology is designed to be safe and user-friendly with automatic shutoff mechanisms to prevent overheating.

Is there any maintenance required for an electric log set?

Dimplex electric log set models only require gentle cleaning of its logs and base to remove dust or buildup.

The Revillusion remote control requires replacement of 3 Volt batteries with repeated use.

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